Car Window Tinting Benefits

Invest in a more comfortable drive, protection and privacy for you, your family, pets, staff and valuables

Increase Safety - Security

broken car window

In the event of an accident or deliberate breakage, flying glass from shattered windows may cause injuries to your family, pets and belongings. By adding window film to your vehicle's windows, it will help hold the glass in place in case of accident or deliberate breakage. Therefore preventing injuries and protecting you, your family, pets and belongings from flying glass fragments. Window film gives added strength to the glass and improve resistance in case of break in. Window film is scratch resistant and can be clear or tinted.

Improve Style – Add aesthetic appeal

Improve your vehicle's appearance as car window tinting will enhance the visual impact of your glass surface. If the vehicle is used for business purposes, tinted windows can give a better image of your company vehicle. This is also an alternative to stick on blinds normally used to protect children.

Increase Privacy

Our tinted windows will provide you with added privacy. Depending on the tint shade selected you can have either total privacy to semi-privacy or no privacy at all. With all our tint shades you will be able to see out.

Increase UV Protection

Our tinted windows will provide you with protection from harmful UV rays. Solar film used for car window tinting will filter block) 99% of UV rays. This is particularly beneficial for people suffering from acute sensitivity to ultraviolet light.

Reduce Glare

Having your widows tinted will significantly reduce glare from the road, reflective surfaces and other vehicle headlights minimizing eye strain and providing you with a more comfortable driving experience. Window film will make viewing of LCD screens more enjoyable.

Keep your vehicle cool

car for style

As our window film rejects up to 63% of the sun heat energy, it will help keep your vehicle cool in summer month by reducing the use of your air conditioning system and therefore decreasing your fuel consumption. This will provide a more enjoyable journey for you, your family and pets.

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