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Here are a few facts to consider before selecting a window film installer

  1. Vehicle window tinting is a highly specialised craftsmanship. It takes many years of experience to become a window tinting specialist. This is why you will find different levels of finish at different prices. At Twilight Tint, we are expert in window tinting as we only specialise in window film and no other unrelated services which can actually create dust particles making the environment unsuitable for any quality window film installation.
  2. The first question to ask yourself when looking for a window film installer is do you really want the cheapest window film installation on your vehicle? or would you rather invest a little bit more and get a truly professional finish which we can offer you. Remember! You Get What You Pay for. It will cost you more in the long term to rectify a poor window tinting installation which you will regret having done. Cheap window film installation are generally carried out with poor quality window film which will not last very long or poorly fitted. 5 years on, our window film looks almost the same as when it was first installed (not faded or turned purple).
  3. Here are some examples of Cheap "Professional" Tint. So don't CHEAP yourself, TREAT yourself!

    bad tint - cheap tint
  4. As we are an honest company, we will always inform you of the legislation regarding the front windows as this may impact your insurance, warranty on your vehicle.... . On most vehicles window film cannot legally be applied on the front windows.
  5. How is the work environment? Ours is clean, tidy, secure & very professional. Clean environment is essential to ensure the finest finish window film installation and ensure minimum dust particles flying around.
  6. Has the company got a professional feel about everything (website, email, telephone response ....) as this will give you a good indication of the professionalism, attention to details and finish you can expect. You are welcome to view our window tinting centre and our vehicles.
  7. Do they have genuine testimonials? We have a page dedicated to our all excellent genuine testimonials. We have more than 100s of excellent genuine reviews. This is why 99% of our customers who replied to our survey rate their overall satisfaction as excellent and the rest as very good.
  8. Our long list of customers includes Rolls Royce Motor Cars who are well-known for the high quality standards, West Sussex Police, car dealers to name a few.
  9. Do they protect your vehicle whilst being worked on and if yes how? Your upholstery and paint is being protected while your vehicle is worked on.
  10. Please come in to assess the working conditions as this will give you the confidence to leave your vehicle with us. Please call first as we may be out installing window film on a residential or commercial premises. At Twilight Tint, you will not have the feeling upon arrival to our workshop of "what have I done/I have made a mistake".

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us

We simply offer

  • Finest Finish
  • Value For Money
  • Expert Advice
  • Qualified and Professional Installers
  • Clean and Tidy Window Tinting Centre
  • Genuine Warranty
  • Excellent and Friendly Customer Service