Car Window Tinting Specialist

The highest quality finish vehicle window tint

At Twilight Tint, we believe that our high quality finish is the result of skills, care and attention not speed. We take great pride in our work and value what we do. You are not only paying for a tint, you are paying for the craftmanship, the quality of the film and quality of the finish. We outshine our competition with our unbeatable reputation and quality installation.

Why Twilight Tint is the right company to carry out the window film installation on your vehicle? Check out our What we offer you.

We have an unparalleled thorough preparation process in the car window tinting industry to ensure a virtually flawless finish. We want you to get the best.

This is why we are often asked to replace inferior window film installation.

Our car window tinting is carried out from a clean, tidy and fully equipped workshop to minimise dust contamination and guaranty the best possible results. This is why we do NOT provide a mobile window tinting service.

Particular care and attention is given to your vehicle while being prepared and tinted. Your paint and upholstery are protected during the window tinting process. We value your vehicle as much as you do.

We do not remove door panels or glass.

Compare to other window film on the market, Twilight Tint window film appears black on the outside and natural on the inside giving your vehicle a more stylish appearance.

We are fully insured to work on your vehicle.

This is why we are the leading car window tinting installation specialist for private and commercial vehicles for the West Sussex and Hampshire area.

Allow us to assist you in the right choice of film which best suits your needs. Contact us today.

We simply offer

  • Finest Finish
  • Value For Money
  • Expert Advice
  • Clean and Tidy Window Tinting Centre
  • Genuine Warranty
  • Excellent and Friendly Customer Service