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Increase Security

house with broken windows with no security window film

Most break-ins occur through glazing. We know how emotionally devastating and costly it can be to replace stolen items. Adding Security window film to your normal glass will dramatically improve the resistance against forced entry and help hold the glass in place in case of deliberate breakage and deter burglars. Gain peace of mind by applying Security window film to the existing glazing of your home, office and conservatory. Security window film can either be clear or tinted and blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays. Our Security film conforms to BS6206.

Increase Safety

cracked windowFor commercial building, Regulation 14 of the workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare regulations 1992), was brought into effect to enforce that all glass in public buildings (including schools, colleges and offices) below a certain height are safe. Safety glass should be fitted in all glazing that falls below 800mm from the ground. Furthermore, all glass door panels that fall below 1.5 meter's should either be safety glass or have Safety window film applied conforming to BS6206 Class B. Also, any glass panel within 250mm of a door and falling below 1.5 meter's would need to be fitted with Safety glass or Safety window film to avoid accidental collision. If your glass does not have a British Standard Kite Mark, it does not comply with the regulations.

Normal glass is very fragile. Safety window film gives added strength. In the event of an accident or deliberate breakage, flying glass from shattered windows may cause injury or damage to your family, pets and belongings. Applying Safety window film to your normal glass will increase its strength and help protect from flying glass fragments. Safety film is scratch resistant and can be clear or tinted.

Safety window film or Security window film is a most cost effective and less disruptive solution to replacing existing glass. Twilight Tint offer Solar control, Safety, Security and Privacy window film.

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