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Glare reduction

Hand up protecting from glare

Anti glare window film is an alternative to blinds or curtains which shuts out the daylight but blocks your outside view.

Glare can be the cause of headache or eyestrain. Having your widows tinted with our Anti glare window film will significantly reduce glare by up to 80% and allow you to enjoy viewing your TV, computer screen without having to block out the light making your environment more enjoyable.

If you are working from a home office, Anti glare window film will provide you with a more comfortable working environment and will increase productivity for you and your staff.

Commercial buiding with glare reduction window film

Glare reduction window film will allow outside clear vision and natural light to pass through.

We offer wide range of Glare reduction window film.

Twilight Tint offer Solar control, Safety, Security, UV and Privacy window film.

Contact us today and let our expert staff provide you with the most appropriate Glare reduction window film solution for your building with window film based on your individual needs and help you make the right investment.

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