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Heat reduction

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For commercial building Regulations 7 of the workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) states that temperatures in the workplace shall be reasonable during working hours.

Applying a Solar window film to your home, office, commercial building or yacht will reduce the interior temperature level as it reflects the sun heat energy. Solar window film will reflect up to 75% of the solar energy and light. Solar film applied to your existing glass will make the use of your building more enjoyable for you and your staff in summer time.

Summer heat can make your home or office unbearable to work in and reduce your or your employees' productivity and efficiency. Using Heat reduction window film or Solar window film will not only help keep your home or office cool in summer months but will reduce the use of your air conditioning system resulting in energy saving.

Commercial building with window film to reduce heat

With Solar film applied to your existing glass, you will be able to see out unlike blinds which will block out your view. Solar window film can increase your privacy, security, reduce fading and is often more cost effective than blinds. Solar window film provides you with UV protection, privacy, security, no maintenance, reduce fading and heat. Solar window film can help reduce heat loss in winter acting as an insulator and therefore reducing your energy bills.

We also offer a specific window film for plastic, GRP and polycarbonate roof which will reduce the temperature level within your conservatory, home office as it reflects the sun heat energy.

Twilight Tint offer Solar control, Safety, Security, UV and Privacy window film.

Contact us today and let our expert staff provide you with the most appropriate Energy efficiency or Heat reduction window film solution for your building with window film based on your individual needs and help you make the right investment.

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