Question & Answers on Car Window Tinting

At Twilight Tint, we offer an honest window tinting service. Therefore we have compiled a Q&A which might answer all your questions. If not, please contact us.

What is the legislation with regards to the front windows and windscreen?

The light transmitted through the windscreen must be at least 75%. The front side windows must allow at least 70% of light transmitted through them.

We do have a light meter which can be used to check the visible light transmission on your front windows as even a clear piece of film, safety, security or clear UV applied to your front windows will make your vehicle illegal.

Clear glass only allows approximately 86% of light to pass and the slight tint of standard manufactured glass varies from the 70% maximum limit up to approximately 80% of light passing through, therefore any film applied to these windows will make your front windows go over the legal limit.

Tinted windows are not yet included in the MOT test, but the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Police have started roadside checks to make sure tinted windows follow the Road Vehicle (Construction & Use) Regulations.

VOSA 's legal power with regards to front windows: VOSA

The legislation with regards to front windows is also on display for you to read in our window tinting centre.

Do you tint headlights, fog lights and rear lights?

Twilight Tint does not offer this service however should you decide to have them tinted you need to ensure that your vehicle is still road worthy and MOT compliant after installation.

If you are not compliant with the legislation, your insurance may be invalid should you get into an accident.

I would also suggest you check with your insurance to ensure you are covered as some insurance company would not cover vehicles with lights tinted.

Do you offer mobile window tinting service?

We believe that the same high quality professional finish cannot be produced by working outside as you cannot control the environment from blowing dust particles around.

Once you remove the protective film liner, dust particles will be trapped on the adhesive of the film. Even a small breeze will cause the dust flying around.

We have on numerous occasions removed (see testimonials) and re-applied window film on previously mobile tinted vehicles. You may think you are saving money but in the long run it will cost you more than anticipated so why not get it right first time.

Will window film affect my satellite system (GPS) or TV reception?

We do not use metalized window film which can interfere.

We only use died window film which will not interfere with or restrict your signals.

Does the window film affect my rear defroster lines?

Our window film will not affect your rear defroster lines.

What is the legislation with regards to sun strip on the windscreen?

The law states that you can drop 6 inches from the top of the windscreen.

As vehicles are all different, the depth of the sun strip will be affected.

When can I open my windows after the window film installation?

We recommend a curing period of 5 to 7 days for which you cannot open your windows.

Should you do so you may lift up the window film from the glass.

This period is essential for the film to dry.

I have seen vehicle on the road with bubbles, creases will this happen with you?

No, we use high quality window films fitted by professional & highly skilled film installers.

Our virtually flawless finish and customer service is what our reputation is based on. We continue to grow every year because we continue to deliver best value for money and uncompromised quality finish.

We value what we do.

We are fully insured to carry the window film installation on your vehicle.

Will my rear window be fitted in one piece?

Only a small handful of cars require a join due to the curvature of the glass (i.e. VW Beetle).

As it is applied by our highly skilled staff it will be seamless.

We will always inform you if your vehicle requires a join.

Can the window film be removed from my windows?

Window film can be removed however depending of the original window film applied some damages may be caused to the defroster lines due to the strength of glue/adhesive.

We do offer a professional window film removal service.

Do I have to have my windows clean and car cleaned prior installation?

We recommend that your vehicle is cleaned inside and out prior the film installation to minimise dirt particles transfer (I dogs air, mud, mould) as this will affect the result of your finished tinted windows.

We do work from the outside of your vehicle first to get the perfect fit, then the window film is applied on the inside of your windows.

This is why we recommend vehicle to be clean outside and inside prior the window film installation.

I have noticed a few scratches on my windows after being tinted. Why?

Window film is reflective and once applied it will reflect any imperfections or scratches that were not visible prior installation.

Do you apply security film?

The application of security window film (not be mistaken with other normal window film) to be effective requires a very specific process and equipment.

Your windows will need to be taken out and the film bonded edge to edge to glass to be fully effective.

Only a handful of companies have the facilities & specialist equipment.

Please contact us and will pass on your details.

How do I clean my windows?

We recommend that you use a clean and soft rag, absorbing paper or a synthetic sponge and a non abrasive cleaning liquid.

Avoid cleaning glass with jewelry on as it can damage the film.

What guarantee do you offer?
Our window film comes with a genuine 5 year manufacturer's warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking and delaminating.

This is the average length of ownership of a vehicle.

Do you fit reflective film?
Twilight tint does not apply one way mirror film/reflective film on vehicle as we believe the film can cause reflection to other motorist and may cause injury or accident.

We only use dark tint shades for vehicles.

Furthermore, at night time under street light anyone can see inside your vehicle.

How will my window film looks like from the outside as I have seen vehicle with a bronze or green colour undertone?

Our window film appears black on the outside with a natural look on the inside giving your vehicle a more stylish appearance.

There is no green, blue or bronze color to our window film which can be found in other window film.

What is the visibility like from the inside out?

Our window film may affect the light levels by generally only 5 – 10% but your eyes automatically adjust to the different light levels.

You are welcome to sit in our own vehicle for you to experience different shades of window film.

How much privacy will it provide?

This will depends of the shade of window film chosen and interior you have.

Our own vehicle has various shades of window film for you to experience.

We will assist you in selecting the tint shade/s that best match your concerns.

Do you remove the door panels?

We do not remove door panels incurring no risks of damage to your vehicle when putting it back together.

It can also invalidate your vehicle warranty should you have one.

This will not affect the quality of your window film installation.

How is your window tinting centre?

Our window tinting centre is a clean, tidy and secure environment as we occasionally provide window tinting service to the police.

Will you install window film purchased at an auto retailer?
No,as we only apply our quality window film which will be under warranty.

Most likely the film will be of inferior quality.

Should I try installing window film myself?

You can always try. However it takes a lot of training hours for someone to become a professional window film installer.

You may end up spending a lot more money than anticipated when you could have had it done right first time.

How is the window film installed?

The window film is first applied on the outside of the vehicle's window to get the perfect shape and fit the curvature of the glass.

We heat shrink the window film to achieve this. Then the window film is finally installed on the inside of the glass.

This process requires full access to the outside and inside of the window to be tinted.

It is also important that your vehicle and glass are cleaned prior the window film installation to minimise dust particles transfer.

What Twilight Tint can offer you?

Every tinter has different skills level and work to different standards. We believe that our quality finish is the result of skills, care and attention not speed. We value what we do.

At Twilight Tint, we happily show you our vehicles and finish before we start work on your vehicle.

We follow a professional and meticulous preparation process as we aim to provide you with a virtually flawless finish. We provide work we are proud of.

Your vehicle's upholstery is protected during the window tinting process.

All the pictures in our gallery our genuine work carried out by Twilight Tint.

Numerous genuine excellent testimonials from customers on the quality of our finish and customer service.

We offer value for money. Charge competitive & reasonable prices.

Why we do not offer you lifetime warranty?

As we are an honest window tinting company, we do not say "we offer lifetime warranty" as it is normally only valid for the period that you own your vehicle and it is not transferable.

In most cases, the window film manufacturer's warranty is not lifetime. If it is, for your own peace of mind ask to check the window film installer and manufacturer's warranty.

In average vehicles are only kept for 4 to 5 years only which our manufacturer's warranty covers.

I have found a cheaper quote

Unfortunatly, we may not be the cheapest in our field, nor this is our objective. We continue to grow every year and this is because we deliver the best value, not the best price.

We only offer a high quality finish and as I am sure you know you get what you pay for.

Our customers get peace of mind with our services and are always very happy in the long term to have spent that little bit extra.