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UV protection

shop front with uv protection window film

We offer specialist UV protection window film which will offer you 99.9% UV protection. UV protection window film can be clear so that you can see through or tinted. UV window film will help reduce fading of your artwork, furniture, flooring, belongings, interior and shop front items.

All our Solar window film will provide you with protection from harmful UV rays. Solar film used for home, office, commercial building and yacht window tinting will block 99% of the UV rays.

UV window film will also help protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. We offer specific anti uv window films for people who suffer from sun related skin conditions.

Twilight Tint offer Solar control, Safety, Security, UV and Privacy window film.

Contact us today and let our expert staff provide you with the most appropriate UV window film solution for your building with window film based on your individual needs and help you make the right investment.

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