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At Twilight Tint, we provide you with a professional Wall & Furniture Cover service, the highest quality finish and competitive prices.

wall cover

Wall cover is an adhesive film which is design to renovate or transform basic plain wall, panel for a highly decorative visual result.

We have access to more than 100 types of film: colored, wood imitation, me tali sed, embossed, carboned, leather, marble, bricks effect films.

wall cover building entrance

Wall Cover can be install in public places, hotels, restaurants, offices, buildings, banks, hospitals, agencies, rail and sea transport to lift your environment at a lower cost.

We guaranty 100% satisfaction in all our installations.

We believe that our superior quality finish is the result of skills, care and attention.

Our growing success is due to our commitment to provide a professional Wall & Furniture Cover service and impeccable quality finish. Twilight Tint only use high quality film and continuously work to high standard to meet your high expectations.

We are local, offering a professional Wall and Furniture Cover covering the West Sussex and Hampshire area.

Then let our expert staff provide you with the most appropriate Wall Cover solution based on your individual needs and help you make the right investment. Contact us today.

We simply offer

  • Finest Finish
  • Value For Money
  • Expert Advice
  • Qualified and Professional Installers
  • Genuine Warranty
  • Excellent and Friendly Customer Service


  • Numerous choices of films
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Resistance to mold and stains
  • Application on site in most cases
  • Adhesive insensitive to moisture
  • Fire classification for some films
  • Resistance to UV
  • 10 year warranty