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Clear 4 Window Film

Clear 4 window film is a safety window film which complies with UK regulations.

Since 1996, Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 has made the requirement for safety glazing in accordance with BS 6262 mandatory and retrospective. For further information, please refer to our safety window film benefits page link below.

Clear 7 Window Film

Clear 7 clear film is our Security window film which complies to BRITISH and EU STANDARDS CERTIFICATION (BS 6206 (6 and 4mm glass): A - BS EN 12600 (6 and 4mm glass): 1B1).

Security window film creates a barrier, effectively delaying smash and grab and breaking. Due the added strength to the glazing, the vandals will experience some the delay which is often enough of a deterrent to abandon his actions as it may attract too much attention, and will give valuable time for the police or security firm to apprehend the offender.

Due to its thickness, the film will hold broken glass in place, even after repeated attempts at breaking through, and is very difficult to pierce or tear.

This film is most commonly applied on shops which have sensitive or high value items on display.

Manifestation Dots

We offer manifestations safety dots to increase the safety and outline the visual effect of your glazing.

In order to comply with the requirements of Section N2 of Approved Document N all areas of glazing in 'critical locations' in which people are moving and might not be aware of the presence of the glazing should be marked. Critical locations include large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing, which form, or are part of the internal or external walls and doors.

Manifestation may take the form of broken or solid lines, patterns or logos at appropriate heights and intervals. Additionally Sections M1 and M2 of Approved Document M (Access to and use of buildings) requires all glass doors to be clearly defined with manifestation on the glass at two levels and contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass. See Approved Document M Section 2 paragraph 2.24 for further detail.

Cyber Protection Window Film

With the increase of wireless technology, companies need to secure their valuable and confidential information which can leak through the glazing and potentially be intercepted by others. This is a significant security threat.

This cyber protection window film is specifically designed to help you against electromagnetic and radio magnetic.

Our cyber protection window film offers high attenuation to wireless signals through the glass which help create a secure environment.

It will also provide you with a high heat and glare rejection as well as an increased privacy as cyber protection window film has a mirror effect.

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